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Monday, June 8, 2009

Shall I Say Admiration

So, I consider myself pretty confident with my physical make up....I mean, I'd change a few things...Like let my 'fro GROW more but that'll come ya dig...There's one thing about myself that I dont like...Ya girl's measurements are 38(DD)-30-45 (this is as of YESTERDAY). I'm not sure what HER measurements are, but if I could get a flat belly like that, I'd be satisfied *MAYBE*....

Tahiry Jose is one chick that I can say I'd look up to for the simple fact that as of late, she doesnt or hasnt done a lot of things that other chicks have to get noticed. Her dude basically show's what I call pride, in her and basically on camera, their lives are cool. I'm sure that's how they act regularly.....

So basically, this whole blog is to say "Congrats Tahiry for launching, congrats Joe Budden for supporting your girl to the Hundredth power and keep doin ya thang...I just gotta get my body in shape so I can get that spread in VIBE since KING is R.I.P. without having to be a video girl.

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