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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Get Your Shine On

Ok, I'm not big on doing reviews of other folks and things of that nature but this subject I'm about to speak on is kind of upsetting me.

As many of you know, Jay-Z is on tour right now doing the BP3 tour, he stopped in New Orleans on Thursday (Feb 26) and a plethora of things happened that night. He pulled a young lady on stage to spit a few bars of Song Cry. In my opinion, that's a once in a lifetime thing, but in her case, twice. Either way, it's something that wont happen very often. So, while she has been soaking up her local, now nation wide fame, I've noticed that a lot of these media sites have slandered her name. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but c'mon people. To go as far as saying she dissed Beyonce, that's outrageous. Check out her story and her website A Dose of LA, and of course, I will leave you with the video so that you can check it out for yourself and be your own judge.

I personally give her props, sometimes you have "real fans" and to me, she seems like a real fan. Not someone who is out to slander Jay or Beys names but someone who likes the artform of hip hop and of course the skills Jay possesses.

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